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== Moving On ==
== Moving On ==

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Unit Objectives

1. Participants will be shown various real examples of social media use in a classroom

  • Actual social media accounts
  • "Fake" social media template websites
  • "Fake" social media paper templates

2. Participants will view rubrics that accompanied the social media site projects to see examples of student understanding and comprehension of material

3. Participants will being to think about how they will use social media and create a rubric for future social media projects


Examine the following examples of social media in various classrooms

Read student social media accounts

[Twitter Discussions]

[Enhancing Participation]

[Start Slow]

"Fake" Social Media Template Websites


[Twitter Message Generator]

["Fakebook" Template]

[Fake Snapchat]

[More Social Media Template Examples]

"Fake" Social Media Paper Templates



Real Student Work Examples

Students were asked to create a "fake" social media site for a person living in colonial times. Here are several examples of student social media site creations.

[Colonial Tanner Text Message]



Moving On


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