Unit Three: Assessment and Evaluation


Unit Objective:

Upon completion of this unit, you will be able to master skills on using Voki and be prepared to effectively integrate it in future instruction.

Finish line ahead.jpg

Now that you are here, I would like you to edit the Voki you created in Unit 2. Remember, you can edit your Voki as many times as you want? Good! Please don’t forget to click DONE to save something and PUBLISH when you are done. And if you are not satisfied how it looks and sounds, just edit it again.

Following, let’s share your Voki with a friend through an email. Make sure you have your recipient’s email address ready. If you want prompt feedback, and you have a second email address on your own, you can send it to yourself and see what you got.

And lastly, why don’t you publish your Voki on the Web? Okay, then you are going to Publish your Voki underneath your avatar and follow the steps provided in the previous unit.

So, let’s go ahead and log in http://www.voki.com/login_force.php?destination=/mywebsite.php Good luck and have fun!

We are amost there. Assess.jpg To reinforce your knowledge on how to Integrate Voki in the Language Classroom please click here to take the last assessment http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=selftest_10

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