Unit One: Why Use Social Media?

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Unit Objectives

1. Participants will research why social media is an important tool in the classroom

2. Participants will describe various ways of how social media can be integrated into their classroom

3. Participants will summarize their research and how they feel they can use social media to enhance their classroom

Why Use Social Media in the Classroom?

So, why should you use social media in your social studies classroom?

“If you want to bring the “real world” into the classroom, consider integrating social media into your lessons” (Edudemic, 2015). Students today care more about how many followers they have on Instagram, or likes on Facebook, than who was present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence or why Gandhi went on a hunger strike.

Social Studies/History often gets the reputation of being boring, or irrelevant. However that does not have to be true. “Connected classrooms can reach beyond physical barriers to create conversations with people from other classrooms, cultures, and communities” (Crowley, 2015). Through this valuable resource educators can not only make their classrooms more engaging but also preparing students for learning and living in the 21st Century. “Social Media is here. It’s just another resource and doesn’t have to be a distraction from learning objectives” (Davis, 2015).


Please watch the following Tedx Talk discussing the use of Social Media in the classroom. While watching, take note of key points you find most important for use of Social Media Technology in the classroom.

After watching the video please do your own research on why social media is a great tool in a classroom. Research at least two additional sites or resources furthering your understanding of why social media is helpful in a classroom setting.

After concluding your research please write a short discussion post ( 300 - 600 words) on why you feel that social media is an effective tool in your classroom. Please also discuss at least one way you may be able to incorporate social media in your classroom. Please remember to cite all your sources.

Please submit your discussion post on the "Unit 1" Forum on Google Groups

Moving On

You may move onto Unit Two after you have:

  • submitted your discussion post
  • commented on one other participants discussion post
  • received a comment from either myself or another participant


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