Unit One: What VOKI is

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Voki is a combination of "vox," which is Latin for voice, and "Loki," which is the prankster god in Norse Mythology. What VOKI is.jpg

VOKI is a wonderful Web 2.0 technology tool that offers great benefits to instruction and learning. Many instructors, especially Foreign Language ones are using VOKI to enhance their lessons and tremendously engage students in learning. When it comes to Foreign Language, not many students feel the desire and necessity learn it and/or to take it as a class. This is why language instruction should be motivating and engaging. What better than incorporate technology in the 21st classroom when this tool plays a significant role in today learners’ lives? They love technology, and let’s take advantage of it by making use of what is changing the world today. VOKI is one of the innovating technology tools that we can successfully use in the classroom. Students like to often use Web-based activities to practice their language skills and exercises. “Technology has rejuvenated my teaching” (Howard, 2003).

So, is VOKI really supporting language instruction in such a tremendous way? In words of Picardo, a foreign language teacher, VOKI has fantastically supported his instruction with effective ways to motivate and engage his students, as assessing them on their language skills (Picardo, 2011). What are teachers who are using VOKI saying? Please click here http://forums.voki.com/posts/list/115.page

What are students saying about VOKI? Please click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao9KQltMkP0&feature=related

While many language instructors use VOKI in the classroom, there are still many others who don’t know what VOKI is, therefore are unaware of its remarkable educational benefits. If that is you, don't worry and let's get going because with VOKI, you can:

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•Motivate students to participate

•Improve message comprehension

•Introduce technology in a fun way

•Utilize Voki as an effective language tool

Here is my VOKI. Please click here http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=5538812&height=133&width=100

Is an Avatar a VOKI?

An avatar is a computer-generator version of oneself. It is a voice talking character that I can call My VOKIand with who I can have so much fun while I learn. As educators, we can make great use of the VOKI avatars a introducing our topics or lesssons. Let's see what one of the many educators that are using VOKI avatars has to say,"It can also be used to aid in instructing those who are more audio/visual learners. Voki is also a great way to get shy students involved or to share comments with students in other countries" (Dyer, 2009).

Does it cost money to use VOKI?

No. VOKI is a free service, and will remain free to use, to all educators and students.Nomoney-150x150-120x120.jpg

Where can I put my VOKIs (publishing)?

The new VOKI for education provides tons of publishing options. You don't even need a website or blog to share your VOKI.

Can my students create a VOKI account?

Students age 13 and older can create their own account. As a teacher, you can also create a class account and share your login information with students.

How can I actually use VOKI in the classroom?

There are endless different ways to us VOKI in the classroom for any subject and at any level. Some educators are using it from the beginning of the class as they greet students when they enter, for recording students voices and have them listenning to themselves as they practice pronuntiation skills, and the list is endless.

How do I get started?

There are two versions of VOKI, VOKI-free (with no cost) and VOKI Classroom (with cost). We will be concentrating on VOKI-free. Here is the link for VOKI Home. You first have to click on Get VOKI on the right hand side and create an account.http://www.voki.com/#Then you just follow the steps. It is actually pretty simple. Once you create your account, an email will be sent to you soon so you can activate the account and be ready to go.

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