Unit II Lesson V -- Create an animation PT IV add audio and use timing in animation


Music in your animation serves to set the mood of your animation, is it suspenseful, romantic, frightening, relaxing, etc. You can also add your own music you will learn more about how to do this when you complete the lesson on "stuff"

Task I

View the tutorial below "Adding Audio to Animations" when you have finished click the back button in your browser to return to this page.


Timing is crucial in your animation; the human brain has limitations on how quickly it can process information. The problem is if the limits are pushed to far it may hinder your audience’s ability to gain value from your animation. If the animation is too fast or there is too much text in one screen the audience becomes distracted or frustrated and may not be able to process the information effectively.

Look at your animation besure there is enough time for the audience to read your text and see your characters reactions.

Task II

View the tutorial below on Timing and Special Effects, when you have finished click the back button in your browser to return to this page.


Task III The following tutorial contains many hints and suggestions to "tweak" your animation. View the animation and use any of the suggestions to improve your animation.


Unit II Lesson VI -- Create an animation PT V understanding "Stuff"

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