Unit II Lesson IV --Create an animation PT III add text to animation



When you add speech to your animation you need to considered carefully what you will say and pace out the dialogue so that the characters aren't talking over each other. Watch the tutorial below, notice in the first dialogue between the character there is a lot of text on one scene, then note how the pace changes giving each character an opportunity to speak. When you have finished click the back button in your browser to return to this page.

Task I


Here is the menu for speech bubbles, there are many options to choose from, you can also fill the speech bubbles in with color. Another considerations is when you give your character a speech bubble, be sure to make them talk under "actions".

Speech bubbles.jpeg

Task II

Begin a dialogue with your character, remember some of important design components of text bubbles.

  • Use only one speech bubble per scene
  • Keep text short
  • Make sure your character's are "talking" when they have a speech bubble.
  • Use color in your speech bubble

Unit II Lesson V -- Create an animation PT IV add music and use timing in animation

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