Unit II Lesson II -- Create an animation PT I Choosing a Scene



Now that you have created an account we will get started on creating an animation. Follow the directions below to begin.


Task I

Watch the following youtube tutorial, this will give you which gives you some of the features of the characters on GoAnimate.com. When you have finished use back button in your browser to return to this page.


Task II

Once you have logged in click "Create" on the top tab of your GoAnimate Homepage. We will use the Animation Studio option shown below. Feel free to explore the uses of these other options at a later time, for this lesson we will use the Animation Studio option.

Animation studio lesson i unit i.jpeg

Task III

You will begin your animation by choosing a cast, some as you can see are based on themes, characters, heroes etc. Choose a cast now.

Cast screen capture ii.jpeg

Task IV

Once you choose a cast the website will display the people, scenes, music and special effects based on your cast. You are not restricted to only these items you can cross over and use Willie Nelson backgrounds with GoAnimate characters for example. Look below and you will see there is a drop down menu next to the theme, choose a different theme and you will have different settings. Explore the different options and then choose a setting for your animation.

Animation options.jpeg

Task V

Below is a Tool Bar Key, explore the characters, scenes, music and special effects for the theme you chose.

People.jpeg People in the theme you choose.
Text bubble.jpeg Text bubbles.
Scene.jpeg Scene for the theme you choose.
Music.jpeg Music for your theme.
Fx.jpeg Special Effects related to your theme.

Unit II Lesson III -- Create an animation PT II Character's and what they can do

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