Unit II Lesson III -- Create an animation PT II Character's and what they can do


Now that you have choosen a scene you will need to add characters to your animation. Watch the following youtube tutorial on characters and their placement. When you have finished click the back button in your browser to return to this page.

Task I


Character placement unit ii lesson ii.jpeg

Task II

Begin by clicking on a character and draging them to the stage, click on the character and you will see a tool bar accross the top as shown above. Below is a description of what the tool bar can do, use each of these tools to gain an understanding of the tool bar options.

Arrows.jpeg to change the position the character is facing
Send behind - bring forward.jpeg send your character behind or bring in front of other characters or props in your scene.
Delete key.jpeg delete the character.

Task III

Character sizing

As stated in the video you can change size and width of character by using the solid circles around the character. By choosing a corner circle you can make your character taller or shorter (proportionally), resize your character using this tool.

  • By clicking on a side center circle and dragging it to and away from your character you can make them smaller or skinny or larger.(not proportionally) resize your character using this tool.

Now you can manipulate your character, later in

Unit II Lesson IV --Create an animation PT III add text to animation

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