Unit II Lesson III -- Create an animation PT II Character's and what they can do



Character placement unit ii lesson ii.jpeg

Begin by clicking on a character and draging them to the stage, click on the character and you will see a tool bar accross the top as shown above. Below is a description of what the tool bar can do.

Arrows.jpeg to change the position the character is facing
Send behind - bring forward.jpeg send your character behind or bring in front of other characters or props in your scene.
Delete key.jpeg delete the character.

Character Placement features:

  • you can change size and width of character by using the solid circles around the character. By choosing a corner circle you can make your character taller or shorter (proportionally)
  • By clicking on a side center circle and dragging it to and away from your character you can make them smaller or skinny or larger.(not proportionally)

Unit II Lesson IV -- Create an animation PT III understanding "Stuff"

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