Now that you have an understanding of what animation is and have had a brief overview of the features of GoAnimate.com you will create your own animation.


By the end of this unit you will be able to:

Unit II Exhibit ability to use GoAnimate.com.

  • Demonstrate the ability to create an account for GoAnimate.com
  • Demonstrate the ability to create an animation choosing an appropriate background.
  • Demonstrate the ability add characters to the animation
  • Demonstrate understanding of "Stuff" go animate; community; and my stuff)
  • Demonstrate ability to appropriately add text to animation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to add movement, expressions, and use of props.
  • Demonstrate the ability to add music and appropriate timing to animation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to save animation and understand use of tags and save options.
  • Demonstrate ability to interface Goanimate.com with Facebook, MySpace, etc


Click Unit II Lesson I below to get started!

Unit II Lesson I -- Open an account with GoAnimate

Unit II Lesson II -- Create an animation PT I Choosing a Scene

Unit II Lesson III -- Create an animation PT II Character's and what they can do

Unit II Lesson IV --Create an animation PT III add text to animation

Unit II Lesson V -- Create an animation PT IV add audio and use timing in animation

Unit II Lesson VI -- Create an animation PT V understanding "Stuff"

Unit II Lesson VII -- Create an animation PT VI interface Goanimate.com

Unit II Discussion/Reflection

Educate with GoAnimate