Unit III Lesson II -- Create Lesson Plans using GoAnimate.com

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Lesson Planning

When lesson planning consider your subject area, a way to get ideas for other uses for GoAnimate is to search their site. When you search use key words that may draw out animations.

Task I

I wanted to see what animations there were on cell theory, so I began with searching "Cells" when I did this I found the link below, view the animation, when finished click the back button in your browser to return to this page.


When I looked at the animation there were several issues with the text, but it give you an idea of what students could create.

TASK II Complete a lesson plan using GoAnimate and place it in the "Class Lesson Plan" page. I placed an example of a social studies lesson plan for reference.

Class Lesson Plans

Unit III -- Discussion/Reflection

Educate with GoAnimate