Unit III: Characteristics of Effective WebQuest Design

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WebQuests can be designed within a single discipline or they can be interdisciplinary. Given that designing effective interdisciplinary instruction is more of a challenge than designing for a single content area [1].

WebQuests promotes collarbortive work and group activites amongst students. Students work together to complete a task and to create a project to show their completed research. Students could work together to create a slideshow presentation, create a pamphlet using computer software, create a short video, a public service annoucement or any other multimedia presentations.

Webquests also adds motivational elements to its basic structure by giving students a role to play. The roles students can play and scenarios that teachers can create are endless. Role-playing also encourages students to look at issues from multiple perspectives. The group then synthesizes the information they find and create a product that demonstrates their learning [2].


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