Unit Four: Social Media in Your Classroom

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Unit Objectives

1. Participants will create an unique lesson plan, applicable to their area of Social Studies, utilizing one or more real or fake social media sites

2. Participants will present their lesson plan and grading rubric to the "class" to share ideas and thoughts before implementing in their own classroom


Now that we have learned why social media is important, how to use it safely, and how other people have used social media in their classrooms, it is time to implement using social media in our own classrooms.

Final Assignment:

Create a unique lesson plan in which your students use social media websites to meet state standards in Social Studies.

Your lesson should include:

  • Your lesson title
  • Target audience
  • Goals and objectives
  • Alignment with state standards
  • A detailed description of what students and you as the teacher will be doing
  • Any supplemental materials or links used (i.e. worksheets, handouts)
  • Use of one or more social media sites, real or "fake"
  • An assessment (formative or summative)
  • A rubric for grading student use of social media
  • How you will determine if the lesson was a success or not

Completing the Course

Once you have created your lesson plan please submit it under the "Social Media Lesson Plan" forum on [Google Groups]

After submitting your lesson plan, please leave feedback and suggestions to one other participant.

Once you have received feedback from myself and you feel confident in your ability to now utilize social media within your social studies classroom, then you have completed this mini-course.

Thank you for participating in my course! I hope you found it helpful and beneficial for you and your students. If you have any suggestions or feedback for me please leave it in the "Course Feedback" forum on [Google Groups]


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