Unit Four: Creating a Lesson Plan



Creating a Lesson Plan

In this unit, you will create a lesson plan that you can use with students with autism. In this plan, you will identify the topic, grade level, goals, objectives, materials & technology used, rationale, CCS standards, cognitive engagement, activities, modifications, assessments, and resources used. You will also attach additional materials, such as PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and quizzes; and a list of strategies (that you learned about in Unit 3) that you used. After you design your lesson plan, you will implement it in a classroom with students with autism. You will then evaluate your lesson based on implementation.

Unit Learning Objectives

After this unit, you will be able to:

  • Implement the lesson you created with children with autism
  • Explain why you believe this lesson plan will be effective
  • Evaluate your lesson plan based on actual implementation or how you believe it would go.

Unit Activities

1. Contact a local school district to set up a date/time to implement your lesson in a classroom with students with autism. If you already teach in a classroom with students with autism, you can implement it there.

2. Click here to view examples of lesson plans you could use with children with autsim.

3. Create a lesson plan to use with students with autism. You may choose whatever grade level and subject you would like, however the plan should follow the format below:

  • Topic of Lesson:
  • Grade Level & Subject:
  • Class Profile (Describe students being taught and their disability):
  • Groups (Explain how students will be grouped for lesson and why):
  • Goals of Lesson:
  • Objectives and Outomces (Identify important skills and concepts students are expected to learn):
  • Rationale of Lesson (Explain why you feel this topic is important for students to learn):
  • Common Core Standards (Identify the developmentally appropriate curriculum standards to be taught):
  • Pre-requisite skills needed (Describe what students should already know before lesson):
  • Materials Needed Throughout Lesson:
  • Technology Used Throughout Lesson:
  • Cognitive Engagement (Include warm-up or opening activity, activities to engage students, and closing activity):
  • Modifications/Adjustments (Identify ways you may adjust lesson if formative assessments warrant modification):
  • Assessment (Explain how will you check for understanding of the objectives/goals):
  • Additional Materials (Include any handouts, homework assignments, guided notes, quizzes, powerpoint presentation, or other materials which support this lesson):
  • Resources (List any resources you have used for this lesson) :

4. Make a list of strategies you will be using in your lesson that you learned in Unit 3. Attach this list to your lesson!

5. Upload your lesson plan in the discussion area for your peers to view.

6. After you implement your lesson, write an evaluation (250 - 500 words) of how you feel your lesson went. Include the following:

  • Activities in your lesson that your students seemed to enjoy the most
  • Activities in your lesson that your students seemed to enjoy the least
  • Things you would change about your lesson

Course Summary

Congratulations! You have successfully completed this mini course on autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I hope you enjoyed it and have learned a great deal about the disorder. I hope the information in this course has made you feel confident about working with students that are on the autism spectrum. If you wouldn't mind, please complete the following course evaluation. Thank you!

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