Unit 5: Time to see what we can do

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Learning objective:

  • Students will discuss what they have learned, found most useful, and remaining questions.
  • Students will recall the different applications for the program by completing a quiz.
  • Students will create a lesson on any topic that utilizes at least 10 features learned in this course.


When you go to submit lessons that you make send them to my dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/somp5ulwwfwmmc8/AABheYIqS-qcLn2dhboeU5pKa?dl=0

Learning exercise:

Now I want you to create a new lesson on any topic! Make sure that this lesson utilizes different elements that we learned about. I have created a checklist and you need to choose 10 of the items on it to be in your SMART lesson. Try to make it interactive, fun, and accessible. The lesson should be around 10 slides long and make sure label it with your name and the title of your lesson. I will go over these and provide feedback. Please leave a post on what you found helpful, what you learned, and any questions you still have left in the discussion tab.

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We did it! You've learned so much and have proven it by creating a very interactive lesson from scratch. I'm happy to have shared this experience with you and help you learn as we made this journey together.


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