Unit 4: How does translating work, and how can integrate it into language learning instruction?


Translation Method

This method was used for reading and appreciating foreign language literature under the form of reading passages for grammar rules, vocabulary and translation with the help of the teacher. It was essentially based on the use of L1 (mother tongue) and L2 (target language)


Translation: Students will be asked to read a literary passage and then translate the target language into their native language. Deductive application of rules: Students understand the rule then they apply it to examples. Memorization: Students are asked to memorize new words, grammatical rules, and verb conjugation. Fill-in-the-blanks: Teacher gives students sentences with word missing. Students should fill in the blanks with the new vocabulary or with a particular grammar type. Reading comprehension questions: Students are asked in their mother tongue, but the answer will be in the target language. Question (L1)/Answers (L2)


  1. Teacher: Source of knowledge, authority in class. -> In this context students become “passive”
  2. Writing over speaking: Students develop their writing skills but fail to express themselves orally. No importance given to pronunciation. -> Lack of communication