Unit 4: Creating Social Emotional Activities in the Classroom


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Unit 4: Creating Social Emotional Activities in the Classroom

A number of different aspects will be discussed in this unit, and a plethora of valuable resources will be shared with you. Open your mind to the Social Emotional model flourishing in the classroom, and see where the topics we discuss can take you. By the end of this unit, you will have a small toolkit that can help you build Social Emotional lessons and activities that could leave your students with a greater understanding about life. Are you ready to develop a Social Emotional lesson? Of course you are, because you are a teaching rockstar!


  • You can produce a SEL activity using Social Emotional Intelligence and the guidelines presented.
  • You can create a conclusion about whether or not SEL is right for your students.

Lesson 1: Sample Activities with Modern Music

When creating Social Emotional lessons, students are often the best resources you could use to design these activities. Listening to students speaking in the hallway and speaking to students about current events could help you uncover what kind of SEL lessons students would benefit from.


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Learning Activity

"1-800-273-8255" by Logic, featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid

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Lesson 2: Developing Social Emotional Lessons

Writing lesson plans could be a long and confusing process. Before you begin to design a lesson plan, you need to figure out what you are starting with and where you would like the lesson to go. When it comes to developing Social Emotional lessons, it is important to reel students into the lesson with something eye-catching and interesting.

Step 1: Have a short "Do Now" that makes students really think.

  • Begin with a quote like this one, "When you are going down a curvy, dark, and foggy road, do not focus on the fog; always focus on the road."
  • Have students write either an Agree/Disagree and Why? response to the quote, or have students explain the quote.

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Unit Assessment

Is Social Emotional learning right for your students? Please take this anonymous survey to share your answers with the course's administrator: Survey Monkey: The SEL Model in your Classroom


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