Unit 4: Activities to Promote and Discuss Growth Mindset


Now that you have learned what a Growth mindset is, the difference between Growth and Fixed Mindset, and enhancing a Growth Mindset within your classroom; it is time to create activities and come up with ideas to promote Growth Mindset within your classroom or work environment


Here are some examples of activities. Pick 2 or 3 that you want try with your group mates. After each activity, discuss what you liked about it and one thing you would change.

Elementary Students:

  1. Negative/Positive: Have students write down a list of negative statements that they have said to themselves. After, show an example on how they can turn that negative into a positive. Have them do the same for each statement they wrote.
  1. Grow-Ga: While doing yoga, have your students take deep breaths, and while doing yoga poses, have students say positive affirmations out loud. (Example: I work hard, I make mistakes and that is okay, etc)
  1. Go around the room and say 5 kindness statements to other classmates. (What do you like that they do?, What do you think they are good at?)

Secondary and Beyond:

  1. Famous Fails: Talk about and discuss the failure and challenges of people who we look up to and admire today.
  1. Role Playing Scenarios: Come up with your own scenarios and have the students act them out in both a fixed and growth mindset mentality.

Final Reflection