Unit 3 Proper Blogging

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What To Write


After you have created your account you can post as many blog enteries as you want. Now that we have an account we need to start being creative on how to use this blog in your classroom.
Here is an Article giving you 33 ways to to use blogs in your classroom: 33 Ways

Blogging Etiquette

Read the 5 Crucial Blogging Tips for Teachers: 5 Crucial Tips

Some guidlines To Follow While Writting Your Blog

* No personal information (last names, contact information, etc...) should be included anywhere in your blog. 
* Information and ideas on the blog should only be on school-related topics. 
* All students - and teachers - should be careful and conscious about what they write.
* Only post what you want the world to know. 
* Students and teachers have the right to delete any comments posted by someone else on their blogs that make them unconfratable.
* Students can also restrict the settings on their blog to prevent comments if they feel it is necessary. 
* The information should be related to Health Education inside or outside of the community.