Unit 3: What is the advantage of using translation as a teaching resource?

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Pedagogical Arguments

In many years, many arguments have been advanced against Translation teaching. It has been claimed that it is unhelpful to learning, unusable, dull, authoritarian, unpopular, artificial, and slows student down. [3] However, there was very little research or serious argument to back up these beliefs.

I shall argue that translation is an essential language teaching method, especially for ESL students.

Let's find out what advantages and disadvantages the translation teaching has!

What is Advantage?

Translation is very important and the easiest way of explaining meanings or words. Any other method of explaining vocabulary items in the second language is found time consuming.

What is Disadvantage?

It is an unnatural method. The natural order of learning a language is listening, speaking, reading and writing. That is the way how the child learns his mother tongue, but in this method the process is reversed. The G.T.M is an unnatural method.

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