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* learn ways to enhance essays in Google Docs with multimedia
* learn ways to enhance essays in Google Docs with multimedia
<big>'''[[Lesson 3.2: Websites]]'''</big>
<big>'''[[Lesson 3.2: Websites]]'''</big>

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Unit Intro

In this unit, you will focus on one specific form of digital writing for each lesson. For each form, you will explore multiple examples to learn the features and purposes. You will also reflect on the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of integrating these forms into your curriculum.

Unit Objective

Participants will explore the characteristics and purposes of various forms of digital writing, including digital essays, websites, blogs, wikis, and digital storytelling.

Unit Outline

Lesson 3.1: Digital Essays

Participants will...

  • explore various platforms for creating digital essays
  • learn ways to enhance essays in Google Docs with multimedia

Lesson 3.2: Websites

Participants will...

  • explore the features of web design
  • learn ways to transform traditional writing projects into websites
  • compare the composing processes of traditional and web texts

Lesson 3.3: Blogs

Participants will...

  • learn the features and purposes of blogs.
  • explore multiple uses for and examples of blogs.

Lesson 3.4: Wikis

Participants will...

  • determine the features and purposes of wikis.
  • identify ways of using wikis in the classroom.

Lesson 3.5: Digital Storytelling

Participants will...

  • understand what digital storytelling is and why it matters.
  • explore and reflect on examples of digital storytelling.

Lesson 3.6: Which type of digital writing will my students create?

Participants will...

  • determine which form of digital writing to focus on for their final unit/project.
  • continue to develop their Project Planning Template.
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