Unit 3: Self Management Support

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  • Develop an understanding of the behavioral characteristics of ASD by evaluating several videos and articles.
  • Evaluate self management strategies for students with ASD by assessing the purpose and procedure for such a plan.
  • Assess the many reasons for particular behaviors in students with ASD by evaluating several assessment tools and their function.

Beginning Activity

The following video is of Peggy Halliday who is a board certified behavior analyst with a specialization in Autism. She is speaking about some of the many behavioral issues associated with ASD. While watching these videos think about the following questions:

  • List some examples of behaviors associated with ASD
  • What are the behavioral similarities and differences between typical students and those with ASD?
  • What types of perseverations might students with ASD exhibit?
  • Why do you think students with ASD have routines and rituals?

Behavioral Chracteristics of Autism Video (Halliday 2009)


References are available on design project main page: Students with ASD: Developing Socialization and Self-Management Skills


Students with ASD: Developing Socialization and Self-Management Skills

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