Unit 3: Planning the Classroom Activity Quiz Answers


1. Which of the following are considered higher order skills? (select all that apply)
Correct! ---- A. Analysis
Incorrect ---- B. Knowledge
Correct! ---- C. Application
Incorrect ---- D. Comprehension
Correct! ---- E. Synthesis
Correct! ---- F. Evaluation

Knowledge and Comprehension are considered lower order skills, while Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation are the higher order skills.

2. _____________ assessment provides students with the feedback and guidance needed to reach mastery. (fill in the blank)

Correct Answer: Formative

Formative assessment helps guide students on their path of learning. Summative assessment focuses on measuring a student's level of learning.

3. Restructuring of class time is the most beneficial aspect of a the Flipped Classroom method.
Correct! ---- True
Incorrect ---- False

Using class time for students to practice and apply concepts is most beneficial to students because it facilitates reaching higher levels of learning, developing skills, and formative assessment.

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