Unit 3: Lesson Two

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The Final Stretch

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the benefits in which Camtasia Studio has to offer. Video is a very powerful instructional tool which I hope you as instructors can consider incorporating into your current curriculum.

Throughout this course we have touched upon a number of issues concerning video use in the classroom.

We as a class....

  • covered the pedadalogical issues that surround the use of video in the classroom
  • have been introduced to a new way of producing videos by capturing the screen
  • designed a lesson implementing the use of screen captures
  • hopefully had some fun along the way

For your last task, I would like you to do the following:

Lesson Two Tasks

  1. Report to the Camtasia Class Discussion Page and revisit the question: How you believe video can be used to enhance instruction and promote the transfer of knowledge? Has your line of thinking changed? Do you think you will consider using Camtasia in the future? Why or Why not?

Thank you all for participating in my online course on Camtasia Studio. I hope you enjoyed learning and were able to walk away with some new knowledge on the use of video in the classroom. I want to wish you all the best and continue to do all the great work that you already do.


Jason Chwirut

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Special Thanks

To the TechSmith Corporation for all the excellent tutorials they provide