Unit 3: Lesson 2- Individual Evaluation

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Individual Evaluation & Reflection

  • Look through your own personal evaluations that were completed by your group members. Complete the second chart on your student guide with the comments that you received from your group members.
  • Add any other personal feedback that you’d like to add to your own chart. What would you like to continue to improve as a group member? What do you hope to continue to do as a group member to be successful?
  • Reflect on the following in your student guide. Take both your social experiences and topic knowledge into consideration:
    • What did you learn from your own independent research?
    • What did you learn from your group members?
    • What did you learn from the other group lessons?
    • How did your learning change from using this student-centered model compared to the teacher teaching everything?
    • How could the classroom and your personal learning continue to be improved when considering future lessons and experiences?

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