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<b>Target Objectives:</b>
<b>Target Objectives:</b>
Upon completion of this unit, participants will:
Upon completion of this unit, participants will:

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Target Objectives: Upon completion of this unit, participants will:

  • Define teaching presence and describe the role of the instructor in an online learning environment.
  • Create a repository of research surrounding which community development tactics that positively impact learning.

Unit 1 Lecture: Building Successful Learning Communities

Important: To participate in this course, you will need a Wordpress account. This will allow you to contribute to discussion board prompts as well as post reflection blogs. Here is the link to the site we will be using to create and organize our posts: https://onlinelearningengagement.wordpress.com

Activity #1: Develop a repository of research showing studies of community building techniques in online courses. Each participant is expected to submit a minimum of 5 articles to the shared repository. Add the APA citation for each article you submit to the Table of Contents document available now. I have included a sample article and citation for your reference. You can upload articles here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1baxMXnC3s7RjqmstCxcb_3tTaDeTeJVQ?usp=sharing

Activity #2: In the discussion board, discuss the prevalent themes in the articles you gathered. In small groups, come to a consensus about the most important factors to creating a successful learning community.

Reflection Activity:

1. What are some of elements of online instruction that stood out to you in this week's activities?

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