Unit 3: Incorporating Resources in the Classroom

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In the past units we have learned about cybersecurity and why it is important to teach students about these topics. In this unit we will be looking at some resources that you can use to teach students about cybersecurity issues. You will then be creating your own cybersecurity mini lesson.


Participants will...

  • Discover places to find resources
  • View an example lesson
  • Create their own mini lesson


Here are some resources you can use when building your mini lesson:

This is a link to site with a series of videos and lessons all about cyber bullying staring Garfield.

Cyber Bullying

This is a lab simulation that teaches students about detecting and preventing cyber attacks.


This page is a great resource for how to have cyber threat conversations with children in positive and empowering ways.

Teaching Students About Cybersecurity

This page includes links for teaching students of all ages about cybersecurity and most of them are free!

Tools and Resources

Students can start learning how to code and eventually build their own games.


Sample Mini Lesson

Safe Online Gaming


Use this template to build your own mini lesson Sample Lesson Plan

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