Unit 3: Formal Lesson Plan

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Performance Objectives

  • Using information from various educational readings and class discussions, the participants will demonstrate understanding of the learned strategies by developing their own formal lesson plan incorporating at least one of the strategies learned in this mini-course.



Based on the skills and strategies learned in the first two units, develop a lesson plan that can be used in your own personal classroom. The lesson plan must include:

  • Mathematical concepts that includes solving word problems
  • At least one strategy learned in this course must be used to assist students in solving these problems
  • An assessment of progress and growth with solving mathematical word problems (students must first try solving the problems without the strategy and the with the strategy after it is taught)

Steps to Follow

  1. Share your lesson plan in the following link: Lesson Plans
  2. To post your lesson, click the "edit" tab on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Title your lesson with your name and the mathematics topic being taught, in order to do this there must be two equal signs (==) surrounding your name, and then you may begin to write your list.


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