Unit 3: Facilitating groups with roles


Unit 3: Facilitating groups with roles

Target objectives:

Upon completion of this unit, participants will:

1. Breakdown techniques for effective facilitation of group roles.

2. Create a lesson plan that involves students working in groups with roles.


  • Read the following articles

Pedagogies of engagement in science: A comparison of PBL, POGIL, and PLTL

Using Roles in Group Work

  • Discussion on Roles in groups. You can find the location for your responses for each article in the Unit 3 topic found in google classroom. For each article, you need to respond to two of three prompts and reply to at least three previous posts if available. Google Classroom works best when you are on the classwork tab found in the upper middle section of your screen, rather than the stream tab.
  • Lesson Plan Activity. For this assignment, you will first create a lesson plan that incorporates using roles in your groups, and the facilitation techniques that you are going to use. Then teach this lesson, and finally write a reflection on how the lesson went, what parts you are going to keep, and what needs to be adjusted for the future. Post the lesson plan and reflection in the Activity section found in google classroom under the Unit 3 section.
  • Reflective assignment. How do student strengths and needs play into role selection, and group creation? What techniques for facilitating groups with roles do you find most likely to use in your classroom? Describe what that would look like? Post your response to this in the Reflective assignments found in the Unit 3 topic of google classroom.


Eberlein, T., Kampmeier, J., Minderhout, V., Moog, R.S., Platt, T., Varma-Nelson, P., White, H.B. (2008). Pedagogies of engagement in science: A comparison of PBL, POGIL and PLTL. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 36(4), 262-73.

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