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== ''' Lesson 2: _______''' ==
== ''' Lesson 2: Teachers as SEL Facilitators ''' ==
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''under construction''

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Unit 3: Evaluating the Social Emotional Model

Let’s take a deeper look at the learning model: How could it be used in the classroom? What sort of thoughts, concepts, and ideas can be brought up? How do I make sure that my students are getting the best possible Social Emotional Learning experience? As an educator, what do I have to do in the classroom? What should my students be doing during a Social Emotional activity? Dive right into the ocean of knowledge that waits for you in this unit!


  • You can assess the importance of Social Emotional Intelligence in the classroom.
  • You can evaluate the beneficial and challenging aspects of working with the SEL model.

Lesson 1: Topics in Social Emotional Learning

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Learning Activity

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Lesson 2: Teachers as SEL Facilitators

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Journal Entry #3:______ Pick at least one of these prompts, and discuss your experiences in full-sentences: under construction

Unit Assessment

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Where do I go from here?

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