Unit 3: Engaging in Academics

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Target Objectives

  • Participants will distinguish between "task orientation" and "ego orientation" and how goal setting benefits student athletes in the classroom
  • Through the use of external media, participants will create a virtual academic learning space demonstrating the information they've gathered throughout the course
  • Participants will define the importance of feedback in an engaging classroom setting and the positive impact it holds for the student athlete


Unit 3 Lecture: Engaging Strategies

To Do

After reviewing the lecture, discuss ways to implement effective strategies to create an engaging environment. Discussion Page

Some topics to consider: What's the difference between the two types of orientations discussed? What are way that goal setting can be beneficial to the student athlete? What is the importance of feedback in a classroom?

Once you've participated in the discussion, it's time to put the units together! Using the following website, create an animated strip that shows how you'll begin the process of motivating the student athlete. You can create multiple strips and save them as images through the trial version. I recommend creating the strips to correspond with the units. For example: the first strip will have images of a struggling student athlete and teacher intervention. The following strip could be sitting down with that student and figuring out together what will drive them to perform well in class. The final strip will be the engaging classroom environment coming together for all the students. Make sure to demonstrate open classroom dialogue and feedback.



After this course, are there any changes to your classroom you'd like to make? Do you feel these strategies can help steer you in the right direction when it comes to the student athletes in your class? This activity is for you to self-reflect and does not need to be documented on the discussion board.

Conclusion: Mini-course Wrap-up

Mini-course: Encouraging Student-Athletes' Academic Success

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