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== '''Introduction''' ==
== '''How to Use''' ==
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== '''How to Create a Game''' ==
Please click the link below to learn more about Quizziz
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== '''Pros and Cons''' ==
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* Self-paced
* Fun and engaging with music
* Can pull specific questions from other teachers' pages, rather than only full quizzes
* More specific time options
* Full-class activity
* Shows students summary at end to see which questions they got right/wrong
* Allows differentiation of time (since students work at own pace)
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* Does not allow for differentiation of questions
In conclusion, Quizziz is a very effective tool that may be used in math classes. It is similar to Kahoot!, but more advanced in some ways. Rather than everyone having to answer within a certain amount of time, with the ones who think faster gaining more points, it allows students to work at their own pace to complete the problems, but still keeps the leaderboard updated.
===Exit Survey===
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=='''Extended Resources'''==

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