Unit 3: Designing and Implementing Guided Reading Strategies in the Classroom

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Guided Reading in the Elementary Classroom

Unit 3: Implementing Guided Reading Strategies

Gudied Reading At A Glance2-1.png

Mini Lecture: Mini Lecture: Excellent job! Not only have you chosen to follow the path of guided reading, but now you have successfully administered running records to all of your students and set your leveled reading groups. Now it is time to plan! An important part of guided reading is having readers participate in word work activities to help prime their brains for reading. Word work activities can consist of, but are not limited to:

  • vocabulary front loading
  • fluency activities
  • reading strategies
  • phonics strategies

Word Work Activities Example: Watch the video below of how a teacher incorporates word work into a guided reading lesson. You will see how students are working on the Long A vowel sound, that will be prevalent in their guided reading story.

Lesson Planning

When lesson planning for guided reading it is important to stay focused on your reading objectives and know what you are doing before, during and after reading.

Before Reading

  • Set purpose for reading with a learning target
  • Preview vocabulary
  • Make connections
  • Make predictions
  • Word work

During Reading

  • Listen to students read
  • Take anecdotal notes
  • Use picture clues and word work strategies to decode unknown words

After Reading

  • Draw a conclusion
  • Make a connection
  • Review strategies used
  • Optional writing piece

Activity: Task: Create a guided reading lesson for a fictional guided reading group in your class. It can be for any instructional reading level. Please use the template located in this google document to show your planning. Please include word work in this lesson. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ABqKEtmVRQkTuiePOHGTNyugzFTAmY9eVLUDZm0sZqY/edit?usp=sharing

Reflect: Make a final addition to your KWL chart. What did you already know about lesson planing and word work in guided reading? Compare and contrast your knowledge pre course to post course. Do you feel more confident as a teacher whom will implement guided reading in the classroom? Please write a 1-2 paragraph summary underneath your KWL Chart sharing your course experience.