Unit 3: Creating lessons in SMART Notebook 11

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Learning objective:

  • Students will discuss lesson creation, what they found difficult or easy.
  • Students will create a lesson using the program with the knowledge they have gained so far. They will have to complete a checklist.


You're going to be creating a lesson similar to mine. If you want to do a different topic you can but you need to use the elements I listed in the checklist located in the dropbox folder.

When you go to submit lessons that you make send them to my dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/somp5ulwwfwmmc8/AABheYIqS-qcLn2dhboeU5pKa?dl=0

Learning exercise:

Follow the checklist provided in the dropbox folder for the lesson and create a SMART notebook lesson containing those elements.



Now that you've created and submitted your assignment I will review them to make sure that they have all of the elements. Please post in the discussion on this page what you found easy to do and if you faced any problems. It is important that you do this so I can address any of these issues. Once you've done this continue onto the next lesson!


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