Unit 3: Clobbering Procrastination

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  • Learners will combine what they have learned from the previous units to construct a plan that will help themselves end procrastination.

Tips and Tricks to Take Down the Enemy

Now that we know the different strategies we can implement in our day to day lives, we now need to take action. So how can we create a plan that we can stick to?

  • Hold yourself accountable
    • It all starts with you, and your want and drive. You have to want to make a change. If you know that it is going to be hard for you, seek out support from others. Having a support system can help motivate you.
  • Invest in a planner
    • Having something physically in front of you, in which you can write down your tasks and deadlines, can be effective. Google calendar is also a great tool to set reminders, set a schedule, and get started on defeating your procrastination tendencies.
  • Gather information
    • Figure out the problem, which is what we had done in the first unit. We identified the problem and then reflected later on. We also identified some resources in the second unit that could help us defeat our problem.
  • Develop SMART Goals
    • SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based. Using the SMART goals method can help you figure out which objectives and tasks are immediate to accomplish and which can be completed later. Using SMART goals, you can make your goals attainable.
  • Be flexible
    • Procrastination is hard to get over, there will be days where you complete your tasks and other days you won't. Be flexible with your schedule and yourself, it's okay to not win every battle.
Executing the Plan

Executing the Plan

Now that we identified our enemy, we figured out strategies to combat said enemies, we need to execute the enemy. The following link takes you to start executing the plan. Go to "file" and make a copy.

Executing the Plan

Example of Executing the Plan

Every plan is going to be different for everyone. Perhaps a formal plan isn’t the route for you. This course is to help you get a jumpstart as to how you can overcome your procrastination, and hopefully this helps motivate you to find what works for you.


To wrap up the course, we will revisit and complete the final column of the KWL chart (linked below) to reflect on the knowledge discussed throughout the past two units.

KWL Chart

Procrastination is never going to fully go away, but there are methods to minimize it. Never forget that you are trying your best and doing a great job! Congrats on completing this course! Always keep up the good work! I’m proud of you!


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