Unit 3: Brainstorming


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Driving Question:

1. What are some good resources/strategies for helping me design and implement inquiry-based labs?


3. Share idea & resources on how to incorporate inquiry-based lab activities after individually brainstorming/researching ideas

3.1 List current classroom activities that might lend themselves well to inquiry

3.2 Find 1-2 online resources for inquiry-based science activities or tips

Before We Begin

This is where we begin the preliminary design process. To begin, we are going to look at how to choose a good lab to work with. Ideally, most labs could be recreated to be inquiry activities. But since we are working under the assumption that most of you are new to designing inquiry labs, we will spend a little time choosing the existing lab that you want to work with. You do not have to start from scratch on this design project. In fact, I would like you to start with an existing "cookbook style" lab, and we will work on re-designing it to be more open ended. During this unit, we will also look at some tip, tricks, and general strategies we can use for making labs more exploratory in nature.

3.1 Choosing the Right Lab



3.2 Resources & Strategies



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