Unit 3: Assessment and Evaluation


Pin.gifTarget objectives for Unit 3:

Upon completion of this unit, participants will:

1. Understand assessment of online discussion activities.

2. Conduct peer reviews of discussion activities in this lesson.

3. Provide feedback for this professional development course.

Pin.gif Activities:

1. Create your own rubric to grade your student's discussion activities. Here are several resources on student assessment to get you started:

Bedard-Voorhees, A. (2005). Increasing Engagement for Online and Face-to-Face Learners Through Online Discussion Practices. The Cross Papers Number 8. Phoenix: League for Innovation in the Community College. [1].
Edelstein & Edwards. (2002). If You Build It, They Will Come: Building Learning Communities Through Threaded Discussions. Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, Volume V, Number I, Spring 2002, State University of West Georgia, Distance Education Center. [2].
Roblyer, M. D. and Ekhaml, L. How Interactive are YOUR Distance Courses? A Rubric for Assessing Interaction in Distance Learning. State University of West Georgia. [3]

2. Post your completed rubric to the Angel Drop Box for peer review discussion activity. We will be discussing the project outcomes in the Discussion Forum for this Unit.


Pin.gif Unit 3 E-Lecture

Pin.gifReflection Activity:

Post your reflection journal to the Angel course page.

Pin.gifPlease take a few minutes to provide me with your feedback, comments, and suggestions for this professional development workshop. I can be reached at: Anne Canale Stalnecker.

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