Unit 3- The MOON Project

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Unit 3

Using the MOON Project in the Classroom

-Learners will be able to use The MOON Project in their classes.


- Readings- Teacher Guide for The MOON Project

- Reflection: Scheduling Lesson Plans for the MOON Project. Refer to the unit plan designed in Unit 1 to design 3 lesson plans integrating the MOON Project alongside teaching astronomy.


The MOON Project boasts an opportunity for students to learn about the phases of the moon by drawing out their observations and assigning their own labels for each phase. This mimics the same activities that scientists would do when they were observing various phenomena in the night-time sky. Often times scientists would have to derive their own names based off of the characteristics of objects they are observing. The students do the same thing in the MOON Project. Students also work with data that their peers have done in order for them to derive deeper meaning behind scientific observations as well as compare their results for accuracy. It is a lengthy project that demands time management for the instructor.

Due to the expanse of the project, it is essential for the instructor to schedule their lesson plans well in advance to implementation. Otherwise, it may become overwhelming for the instructor to keep up to date with each phase of the project. In this unit you will design a series of lesson plans that correspond with the unit plan from Unit 1 to schedule out each phase of the project.


Refer to the Teacher Guide for the MOON Project on the MOON project website. It outlines a schedule for each part of the project. Use this as a guide for the reflection assignment. http://worldmoonproject.org/index.php/teacher-handbook


Design 3 lesson plans that correspond with your unit plan from Unit 1 in this mini-course. How would you schedule the phases of the project along with your lessons? How would you integrate this into a unit for a science course?

Proceed to the last unit: Unit 4- Evaluating Student Progress with The MOON Project


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Unit 3- Using the MOON Project in the Classroom

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