Unit 2 Lesson 2

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Lesson 2

Objective: Employee will be able to practice how to perform basic operations in their day to day work. They will use a simulated environment to test their digital skills based on the initial technical competency test they took. Actions will be recorded into a video file and sent to the course instructor upon completion. Tasks are completely constructively with no instructor interference whatsoever. However, instructors are available for only brief questions lasting no longer than a minute to ensure participants find their way around systems. Employee is encouraged to refer to digital literacy course for assistance in completing certain tasks. Link to digital literacy course here. Employees will have access to a discussion forum where they can help each other to complete tasks. Course instructor will facilitate tasks as needed.

Logging on to your computer for the first time
Logon on to with the following credentials Username: admin Password: admin


  1. In the username bar on the screen, type admin
  2. In the password space on the screen, type admin
  3. Hit the Enter key on the keyboard or click the arrow.
  4. Wait for about 10 seconds till your computer desktop appears