Unit 2: Why is it Important to Teach K-5 students about Cybersecurity?

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In many schools today students have access to 1:1 devices even in a smaller K-5 school that is still 336 devices. Every one of these devices are vulnerable to threats previously discussed. There is also the human element to consider, students are vulnerable to bad actors contacting them through open source gaming platforms as well as threats from cyber bullying.


Participants will..

  • Identify cybersecurity risks as they pertain to students
  • Be able to recognize risks from given examples
  • Plan and implement risk reduction strategies


In the last unit we learned about cybersecurity and why it is pertinent to students. In this unit we will go further into risks faced by students and children. Many caregivers and educators are unaware and uncertain about how to teach students about the threats posed by internet usage but there are excellent reasons to change this. Read the article below to find out why.


Here are some threats that are faced by students and teachers and some ways that the adults in their lives can help mitigate those risks.

Threats faced by students

Cybersecurity Graphics

As you can see even though the risks facing students are severe there are ways that caregivers and educators can mitigate these risks. It is is important to make sure students are aware that any personal information such as their phone number or address should not be shared online. Age appropriate conversations should also be had regarding online friendships and how they might not be who they say they are. Since students are often able to chat to others on online games or even through discussion posts they should be taught how to recognize and report cyber bullying. There are many inherent risks that come from using the internet however awareness of these risks can go a long way towards protecting students and their devices.


Please fill out this form reflecting on risk reduction strategies.

Risk Reduction Form

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