Unit 2: Why is Differentiation important?

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Learners will identify why it is important to provide Differentiation opportunities to learners.


Mrs. Smith knows something needs to be done to reach all students but why should she? Don't all students learn the same?

Why Differentiate is important

Differentiation is when the actvities are modified based upon the students needs.

Read to find out why Differentiation is important https://www.edutopia.org/blog/differentiated-instruction-student-success

Read the 7 reasons why Differentiation works:


Watch to learn why to Differentiate, and examples.


Unit Wrap Up

Discuss these questions in the Reflection page. a) Why is Differentiation important? b) Can you think of a time that you have had to Differentiate instruction for your classroom? What did you do? How many students did it reach? Was it successful?

Creating Talk:Unit 2: Why Differentiation is important


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