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The Police Officer / Police Recruit will be able to state the levels of force available for employment, given a force continuum chart.


The use of force continuum is named such because there are multiple levels of force that can lawfully be utilized by law enforcement personnel depenedant upon the type and amount of resistance that is demonstrated by a subject. These levels are fluid and one can lead into the other, and possibly even skip levels. It is the responsibility of the officer to adjust to the actions of the subject, deescalating when possible.

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1. Watch:| Use of Force Continuum

2. Read: Here you will find a link to some important information on the authority and basis of ethics for law enforcement.

3. Answer: Now it's time to put what you've learned about the basics of the use of force levels to use. Please contact the training officer at your department and, using the guide on the left, state and describe each of the levels of force available to Law Enforcement Officers.


Remember: This symbol is here to remind you to jot down notes!

Once you are finished receiving feedback from your training officer, you may move on to Unit 3: What is the standard use of force policy?


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