Unit 2: Using Khan Academy and Desmos

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sources: https://growingexponentially.wordpress.com/2016/08/04/desmos-pd/ & http://www.marcellusschools.org/teacherpage.cfm?teacher=1923

Target objectives for Unit 2:

Upon completion of this unit, participants will:

  • Execute scaffolding and supports through the Khan Academy and Desmos mediums to enhance student understanding
  • Become comfortable with the use of these mediums in the classroom
  • Gauge student understanding through technology provided data
  • Identify which medium works best for your classroom and enhancing student engagement


These e-lecture, discussion, and reflection activities will take place over the next 4 weeks.

Activity #1: Creating an Account and Class

The first thing that you should do for this unit is to create an account on both Khan Academy and Desmos, the links are below. When creating your accounts please use your work email and follow the prompts in accordance with the specific class you will be focusing on (you can change this at a later date). Once your account is created we will then begin to create a class, one of the great features on Khan Academy is that you can create a direct link with Google Classroom if you already have one. Khan Academy is a more formal template where you will have one page with all of your classes where Desmos allows you to first find an activity then create a class code to invite students. Both mediums allow you to visit a dashboard where you can see student data on mastery and completion.
After you have created your classes, now you will pick one premade lesson or activity from BOTH mediums and determine how this use of technology can support your focus student.

Please complete this Google Form that will act as a journal entry to evaluate how the technology can support your student.

Journal Entry
Khan Academy Website
Desmos Teacher Dashboard

This article will provide you a step by step checklist for creating a class in Khan Academy if you need help, Khan Academy-Creating a Class Checklist This article will provide you with the steps needed to create a class code in Desmos if you need help, Desmos-Creating Class Codes

Activity #2: Using the technology in the classroom

For this activity, you will use the two selected lessons, or others if they no longer coincide with what you are doing in class, with your students. While you are integrating these lessons and/or activities into your classroom, it is important to follow the site instruction step by step for this activity. After each lesson, you will discuss the pros and cons of instruction and learning as well as evaluate the modifications that you would make to best fit your own student needs.

After each lesson, please use the following rubric to complete the following self-assessment on the lesson and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the integration into your classroom.

Technology Integration Rubric
Self-Assessment Lesson #1
Self-Assessment Lesson #2

Activity #3: Modifying Instruction to Scaffold the Learner

Although it is redundant, use the same two lessons but now integrate your own personal modifications to best fit your teaching style as well as student needs. For adapting instruction on Khan Academy please review the following article. If you would like to adopt the actual lesson or activity on Desmos please watch the following video on how this can be done. Using the same rubric complete the following self-assessments.

Self-Assessment Lesson #1
Self-Assessment Lesson #2
Desmos-Edit and Changing Activities
Khan Academy-Editing Assignments

Activity #4: Interpreting and Understanding the provided Student Data

Now that you have integrated technology into your classroom, it is important to see how students are working with the material and if student understanding is being accomplished. Khan Academy provides teachers with data on student mastery and completion to not only push students to do their work but also to work hard to do it accurately. This data can be used to modify instruction and can provide teachers with the information needed when it comes to assessing student understanding. Read the following article on how to access the data and use it to better instruction. Please watch the following video on how to read and understand the student data through Desmos.

Desmos-Using the Teacher Dashboard
Khan Academy-Viewing and Using Assignment Reports

Reflection Activity:

Think back to the last activity and respond to the following Unit 2 Reflection

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