Unit 2: The Benefits and Detriments of Social Emotional Learning

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Unit 2: The Benefits and Detriments of Social Emotional Learning

During Unit 1, Social Emotional Learning was defined as discussing interactions with people and feelings in a learning environment. Within this unit, we will discuss the learning model’s benefits and challenges as they could occur in a secondary education classroom.


  • You can analyze the potential benefits of SEL in the classroom.
  • You can analyze the potential detriments of SEL in the classroom.
  • You can recognize physical emotions.

Lesson 1: Defining Physical Emotions

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Learning Activity

Paul Ekman's Identifying Emotions Project under construction

Lesson 2: Analyzing the Benefits and Detriments

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Now that you know what Social Emotional Learning is, you'll need to weigh its benefits and detriments before you welcome it into your classroom. under construction

Learning Activity

Journal Entry #2:______

Pick at least one of these prompts, and discuss your experiences in full-sentences: under construction

Want to make sure you were writing a reflective journal entry? Take a look at this checklist!

_____ I stayed on topic while I wrote, and I made sure I answered with my personal thoughts in mind.

_____ I provided many details in my writing.

_____ I made an effort to complete the task without distractions or interruptions.

Unit Assessment

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Where do I go from here?

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