Unit 2: The Application

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What you need to do

1) Read the article, https://www.aft.org, written by David Murphey, Vanessa Sacks.

2) Watch the following video clips;





3) Post an initial discussion approximately 300-500 words following the prompt given, and respond to at least two peers.

4) Complete the Case study in your journal.


Talk: Discussion Module 2

Case Study Journal

Begin by watching this trailer for the movie Paper Tigers, https://www.youtube.com/PaperTigers.

Reflect on this video clip: - What are some factors that these students are facing? - How can the information provided help teachers support students better? - Do all students come from the same background? - Should all students be treated equally? - How did this school adjust to the ongoing problems their students were facing? (ie. high ACE scores)

Next, read the following description of an incident referral.

Heather came into the classroom and was instructed to complete the do now activity, she instead chose to take out her phone. I approached her and told her that the phone needed to go away now and she needed to get to work. She put the phone away, but then put her head down. I again instructed her to get to work and explained this is not optional, to which she refused again. I then told her that she could go down to the office and explain to them why she wasn't working. The student slammed her chair and walked out of the room yelling "fuck this place!".

In your case study journal, reflect on this situation. Could the teacher have done anything differently to deescalate the situation before sending the student out of the classroom? I'm sure most teachers have had this type of situation in a classroom before, how have you, or how would you handle this situation?

Course Outline

Unit 1: The Definition

Unit 2: The Application

Unit 3: The Product