Unit 2: Slavery and Primary Sources

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As you know, primary sources are the building blocks of conducting history. They give us a glimpse into what was happening during a particular time period. For this part of the course will will be looking at four documents that allow us to get some sense of the conflicts that were brewing over slavery in 19th century America. Remember that these documents were produced in a different time and you may not understand every word in them. If you run into a word you do not understand please make sure to try to look it up on your own.

Unit 2 Objectives

  • Demonstrate ability to read primary sources.
  • Demonstrate ability to take notes on primary sources using graphic organizer.
  • Explain meaning of primary sources
  • Create a compare and contrast chart using two selected primary sources and record the similarities and differences on Audacity.

Lesson 1: Slavery Primary Sources

Directions: Below are four different primary sources about slavery. As you already know, a primary source is a document or an artifact from a particular time period. They are what historians use to help them create history. In this fist stage of the lesson, you will be looking through four different examples and doing an analysis on each with a graphic organizer and question prompts. By following the graphic organizer, you will hopefully look over the whole sources and pick up many of the small details. Be thinking which primary source you may want to use in the Audacity project in the next lesson.

Slave Spiritual sheet

Slavery Political Cartoon Graphic Organizer

Slavery Auction Graphic Organizer

Slave Catcher Graphic Organizer

Lesson 2: Audacity Assessment

Directions: pick one of the documents that you did a primary source analysis on. Using your document sheet and audacity, record an audio file in which you explain how the document you choose tells us about slavery in America during the 19th Century. The rubric for this assignment is listed below.

Audacity Slavery Rubric

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