Unit 2: Registration for a Screencast-O-Matic Account and Discovering the application features

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Screen Shot Sign Up


Steps to registering for a Screencast_O-Matic:

  1. Log on to www.screencast-o-matic.com


Image:Screen Shot SignUp.png|thumb|300px|center|Screen Shot Sign Up]]

  1. Sign Up (Use your email address to register and you will receive "Welcome" message)
    Welcome Screen Shot
  2. Once you have registered, verify your account via email
  3. You will be prompted to download the Screen Recorder
    Download the Recorder
  4. You are now ready to record

Application Features

Screen-O-Matic is a web-based Screen and Webcam Recorder. The recorder has a free version that allows the following features:

  • 15 minutes recordings
  • Screen and Webcam Recording (Screen Only, Webcam Only, or Both)
  • Publish recording to YouTube
  • Save video of recording

Screen-O-matic Intro Video:

Intro Video


Use these questions as a guide to test your knowledge of the information presented?

  • How long can you record with the free version of Screen-O-Matic?
  • Can you upload to YouTube?
  • Can you save a video of your recording?
  • Can you record screen and the webcam at the same time?

Next Step

Once you have read through the steps and have the answered the questions go to www.screencast-o-matic.com and register for an account. After that's done you may proceed to the next Unit, Unit #3.


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