Unit 2: Navigating the program


Learning objective:

  • Students will discuss the different features of SMART Notebook 11 with at least one post.
  • Students will have to complete a quiz on the different navigation tools.


The video covers the tool bar and other features of SMART Notebook 11.

When you go to submit lessons that you make send them to my dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/somp5ulwwfwmmc8/AABheYIqS-qcLn2dhboeU5pKa?dl=0

Learning excercise:

After you're done watching it please travel to the class dropbox page. There you will find the quiz folder where you can download the quiz and complete it using SMART Notebook. Prepare a post in the class discussion page for this module if you have any issues or questions. Good luck!




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