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Producing Your Movie

Watch: Produce in Camtasia This tutorial shows you how to effectively export your work into something usable for your students.

Through the course of this unit you have seen how screen capture technology allows instructors to record skills, instructions, demonstrations, presentations, etc... The question is, how do we make these recordings accessible to students? I'm happy to say, you are about to find out. Students will be able to use these files to review material presented in the classrooms, prepare for tests and quizzes, or simply use them to help clarify difficult class material in a more engaging and accessible way.

Below you will find a graphic briefing explaining what kind of file you should select if you have specific uses in mind: OutputOptions.jpg

Video banner4.jpg

Lesson Three Tasks

  • Apply: Take the information from the video and produce a movie of your current recording. Use this paper-based tutorial as a guided reference.
  1. Export your movie to be used on the web
  2. Export your movie at CD Quality
  3. Examine the difference
  • Putting It To Use: Insert your video into a blank or existing PowerPoint Presentation. The following tutorial I created will guide you through the process: InsertingVideo_PowerPoint

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