Unit 2: GradeCam

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Having trouble? Watch this tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbnZdc-7R24

Let's Get Started!

Start by Accessing the Program

This app works best with a computer and webcam. Start by creating an account at http://www.gradecam.com/

  • You will be asked to confirm your email address, so make sure to use a valid email address.

Open the Program

Go to http://www.gradecam.com/ and click login. Login with your account information which you have just created.

Let's Create a Class

The top blue menu has four options for you.

1. Click classes.

In the top left hand corner you'll see "Add Class".

2. Click "Add Class"

3. Name your class!

For this course I will use this class name > Class Name: Demo Class

4. Click "Done"

Now you've created your first class! Feel free to create as many classes as you need for your teacher schedule.

  • When you click done, it will automatically give you the opportunity to create students within your class.

Let's Create a Student ID

1. Make sure you are in the correct Class

In the top left hand corner you'll see "Add".

2. Click "Add"

3. Assign an ID number then type in the student's first and last name

For this course I will use ID number: 5555 and this student name > First: Demo Last: Student

Student ID #'s can be 1-6 digits.

  • Make sure to give your student their ID #

4. Click "Create/Add Student" ' Feel free to create all of the student IDs you need for your class.

Let's Create an Assessment

On the top menu

1. Select Assignments

2. Select "Create" This is located at the top left.

3. Name the Assignment

For this course I will use the assignment name > Demo Quiz
4. Pick the type of the assessment to fit your needs
For this course I will use type > Exam
5. Pick the number of questions you will need"
For this course I will use > 10 questions
6. Date your Assignment

I will just use today's date.

7. Click "Done"

Let's Create an Answer Key

On the home screen, click the assignment name which you will be making an answer key for.

1. Make sure your questions are check marked

If you are using all ten make sure all ten are checked. If a lesser amount is being used only check that many on the left hand side.

2. Bubble in the correct answers

Let's Print Forms

On the home screen, you will use the top menu again.

1. Click "Forms"

2. Click "Print" (top left)

3. Click "to Printer"

4. Choose your printer and the number of copies needed

5. Click "Print"

Let's Give the Assessment

1. Give out blank forms and quiz

2. Have students fill out their Student ID # and bubble in appropriately

3. Students can then bubble their answers.

  • A dark writing utensil should be used. Black pen or pencil preferably.

4. Once they are finished, they can scan for results!

Let's Scan

For this section I will be switching back to the iPhone app now because my computer doesn't have a webcam, but if you want to continue using a PC and a webcam that is perfectly okay.

Once the app is opened, make sure you are in the appropriate Quiz first.
1. In the top bar menu, highlight "Scans"

2. Click the Camera in the top right hand corner.

2. Hold your camera over the whole form
3. It will automatically scan for you

Let's Analyze Results

On the top menu

1. Click the Bar Graph picture

2. An item analysis will come up.

This allows you to see how many students got each question wrong. It shows the percent of the class which got the question right. It also shows the wrong choices that were selected.

3. At the top Click "Assignment Summary"

This allows you to see the spread of the percentile scores of all students.

Let's Discuss

  • Click on the discussion tab at the top of this wiki page to share your successes with the app and your creative implementations of GradeCam in the classroom. Also if you are fortunate enough to purchase more features for the app, discuss that here as well.

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